Bryce Harper To Prying Canadian Reporter: "That's A Clown Question, Bro"

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Must be tough doing business in the Toronto press corps. The town’s favorite team is toast by February every year. You can do “Where Is Gary Roberts Now?” or “At Home With Nazem Kadri” only so many times. Sometimes you have to write about the Blue Jays and their opponents, and, yes, there are a few dreaded weeks where you have to write about their interleague opponents. So we assume such a wretched mission prompted this Canadian journalist to ask Bryce about his beer plan.

Now, this video clip has inspired a lot of debate among the Deadspin staff, so let us tell you a few things:

• Harper’s handler appears to suggest the “clown question” phrasing to Bryce. So we know he probably doesn’t intuitively talk like Ronnie from Jersey Shore. But he did run with it.


• It might actually be a clown question, bro. Harper’s 19 and Mormon and clearly quite invested in his image. Why should the reporter ask him about beer? Then again, I don’t know why Harper didn’t just respond, “I’m 19 and Mormon so I don’t drink,” which would have been much more graceful (and, presumably, better for that image of his which concerns him so.)

But these issues should not complicate our enjoyment of one of the greatest no-comments in ages. A clown response, bro? I think not.