A truly magical moment: managers from both teams, simultaneously arguing the umpires' call. Buck Showalter? Wrong. First-base ump Dan Iassogna? Wrong. Joe Maddon, claim your prize.

In the sixth inning, Tampa Bay's Matt Joyce hit a ball somewhere in that iffy quadripoint where the wall, the foul pole, and fair and foul territories intersect. The ruling on the field was a double for Joyce. Both Showalter and Maddon came out to plead their cases.

The umpires did get it right, and that's the important thing. But the replay rules currently exist in a weird limbo, and this brief controversy brought it to the fore.


As of now, umps can only review home runs. Initially ruled a double, they technically wouldn't have been able to go to the replay to see if Showalter was right, if the ball had hit the wall in fair territory. Then Maddon had his say. He wanted a review to determine if the ball was a home run, but didn't want a review if there was a possibility of the ball being ruled foul.

MLB hopes to clean this mess up by next season, by introducing fair/foul calls (and trapped balls) into the ranks of reviewable plays. A logical-if-late step in baseball's progress into joining every other sport here in the 21st century.