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Buckeye Nation Has Some Nasty Words For Former WR And Newspaper Source Ray Small

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Small, who played for OSU from 2006-2010, gave a long interview to OSU's student paper last week, in which he said, among other things, that he sold all his Big Ten championship rings and got some exquisite deals from local car dealerships. "I don't see why it's a big deal," he said.

Well, the angry tweets (culled by our friends at Sportsfeeder) of Ohio State's fans seem to indicate that they think it's a big deal. And that Small is a snitch, and, well, even in the Midwest, snitches get dissolvable sutures.

Small tweeted today, paraphrasing Daniel Ellsberg, "Lol what y'all gone do 2 me that man resigned his self if u don't like me fuck u!!"


Here are the tweets' greatest hits, showing that internet rage avenging an anonymous multimillionaire never takes holidays:

MoeMoneyNoProbs: Boy I wouldnt steal a cookie around yo SNITCH Ass——> @SmallyMcfly

MzEverFRESH: @SmallyMcfly should change his shit to @SNITCHassBITCH!!!!

PeteRubens: no country for @smallymcfly... he's gotta get the fuck outta here

LilRev216: I'm gonna put @smallymcfly name in my prayer group, if u want urs in just dm me ur name

Mr_NiceGuy__: @SmallyMcfly You better get out of town. Your the most hated man in Ohio

CDF35C: I know Ex-Ohio State players wanna whoop Ray Small ass!!

JBananaz718: I know Ray Small has a bounty on his head. How u gon drop a dime on ur own school? #noloyalty

djmrking: On some real shit, RAY SMALL got MAURICE CLARETT looking like EDDIE GEORGE to Buckeye Nation right now!

tattedup216: @RealSkipBayless bout to get Ray Small shot on First Take.

RickyD330: Ray Small may need to put into the witness protection program...

Gemini_N_Me: Watching 1st & 10....So pretty much Ray Small is the reason Tressell is gone. Fuckin snitchin ass bitch.

BURke_FaSho: ray small u are a fucking PUSSY. eagHTGRHRDH V #iWillFindYou

mdotf1986: @STONEYeleven Ray Small is a snitch. He wasa salty and bitter. Smh

Ray Small tells all: Ex-Buckeye says he sold memorabilia, some players don't 'think about' rules [The Lantern]

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