The Bill Belichick machine throttled Tampa Bay last night. It was 28-0 at the half, Brady and Ochocinco clicking like they were young lovers. But Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy saw the whole thing as a learning experience, although not an experience to learn the prior opposing quarterback's name.

Via the Boston Globe

[Linebacker] Mason Foster? He needed to see Tom Brady. He didn't see to see Calabaloo from last week, whatever the dude's name was. I'm sorry if you can hear this. I don't know who you were, I'm sorry. It's nothing personal. (Tyler Palko?) Falko, yeah, the replacement. He needed Tom Brady.


We guess McCoy missed the glory years of the Pitt Panthers stomping the Big East, or, at least, winning it that one year so they could go to the Fiesta Bowl and lose to Alex Smith. Hell, Dave Wannstedt Walt Harris even picked Palko to be his starting quarterback over Joe Flacco, proving, as always, that Dave Wannstedt Walt Harris is a genius.

McCoy on Bucs' struggles: 'Um, Mr. Brady, can we line up?' [Extra Points]