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ESPN enjoys to alliterate Saturdays with "S" words — which are words that begin with the letter "S" — to glorify the weekend's slate of intense games. Separation Saturday comes foremost to mind. But with all the upsets that occurred in the Top 25, perhaps yesterday should be known as "Suck It" Saturday.

The Top 25 went 15-9 this past week, with only two games having both teams ranked. Five of the top ten also took a loss, but the top two — USC and LSU — both survived.


Colorado 27, #3 Oklahoma 24. Suck it, Sooners. If Dan Hawkins would have stayed at Boise State, he could have been the coach beating the Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl back in January. Instead, he languished last year with the Buffaloes in DIVISION I FOOTBALL! After completing his penance, he led his team to a last-minute win over the Big XII favorites. No trick plays were used in crucial 4th downs, and no running backs proposed to cheerleaders, but I'm not ruling out postgame party sex.

Auburn 20, #4 Florida 17. Suck it, Gators. Urban Meyer did his darndest to pull some Shanahanigans against Auburn's freshman kicker Wes Byrum, who kicked the winning field goal right after Meyer called a timeout. Meyer should have come up with something else right before the next kick, which Byrum also kicked perfectly. Maybe something like, "Wawawawait REF! Um ... are you going to the mall after the game?" Oh well. He's a young coach. He'll learn.

#6 California 31, #11 Oregon 24. Suck it, Ducks. You had your chance to upset the Golden Bears, or at least tie it, but Cameron Colvin's last-minute fumble on the one-or-two-yard line danced inside the pylon and out of the side of the end zone, resulting in a touchback. DeSean Jackson could continue to win the Heisman after his 161-yard, two-touchdown performance at wide receiver, provided he transfers away from a West coast school this year.

Other teams which can suck it: Penn State, Texas, Rutgers, Alabama, and Clemson. And with Michigan at 3-2, how soon until they start receiving votes again?


Bowling Green 41, Western Kentucky 21. Suck it, other BG.

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