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It's not much of a surprise to Oklahomans that some derivative of Thunder was going to be the newly relocated Seattle SuperSonics team name, be it Thunderbirds, Thundercats, Thunderpants, or the Fighting Dan Majerles. But it looks like they're just going to go with Thunder. The Oklahoma City Thunder. There's your newest NBA team, perhaps. After all, the NBA's registrar company snatched up the domain. (Rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it?) One thing, though. There's another professional team in the state that call themselves almost the exact same damn thing.

Why, of course I'm talking about the minor league football team Oklahoma Thunder of the World Football League, who play their games in Tulsa. What, you never heard of them? Their running back is former Sooners tailback and Adrian Peterson backup Kejuan Jones! Yes, that Oklahoma Thunder.


So this is somewhat intriguing. Can an Oklahoma Thunder and an Oklahoma City Thunder really co-exist? Might one search for tickets online and think, "Wow, it's two hours before the game and front row seats are still available?" This could get confusing. Maybe Seattle would be wise to steal this promising young minor league football team and transplant them to Washington and rename them the UltraSonics.

Source Tells KOCO OKC NBA Team To Be Named Thunder [KOCO] (via FanHouse)
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