Feel good story alert:

Terrell Owens, as you might have heard, no longer plays for the Philadelphia Eagles. (He's with the Dallas Cowboys now. They're actually the Eagles' division rival.) Because he left the Philadelphia metro area, he has decided to sell his Moorestown, N.J., house, as we've told you before. Problem is, he can't find anyone to buy it.


Turns out, T.O. has somewhat misjudged the market. "The consensus is that Owens overpaid for the property by possibly $1 million when he purchased it for $3.9 million from Dawn Cline and her husband Dennis in May 2004. According to real estate records, the Clines had purchased the property in September 1998 for $1.150 million." It's important to remember, T.O., that the front lawn is excellent for calisthenics; definitely worth noting in the listing.

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