Buzzsaw Asks Leinart To Tone It Down A Tad

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You know, it's one thing to have only one playoff victory in 40 years, or to have a never hosted a playoff game in the nearly 20 years you've been in your new home.

But to start cockblocking your own quarterback? That's just being mean. From Jeannette Walls' MSNBC "Scoop" column:

Paris Hilton's new sweetie has been warned to do something that might be difficult: stay out of the spotlight. New Arizona Cardinal quarterback and former USC star Matt Leinart was warned by his team that if he's serious about football, he shouldn't be photographed out late at night dancing and drinking with his partying heiress girlfriend, according to the Star. "Matt took it very seriously," a source told the tab, "almost to the point of tears."


As disturbing as we might it that the Supposed Buzzsaw Savior would be so easily reduced to weeping goo, we realize that we should not be surprised by the Buzzsaw's intervention. The team has a long history of stepping into its quarterbacks' private lives. Who can forget the famous "Neil, we have a serious problem" talk with Neil Lomax, back in 1987, when it was rumored he had been out gallavanting with "Falcon Crest"'s Ana Alicia.** They've laid down the law before, and they're not afraid to do it again. It's all about football out here in the desert. Always has been, always will.

Leinart Chastened By Team? [MSNBC]

**Not True.