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By The Way, Buzz Bissinger Is In An In-Patient Treatment Program

Since Buzz Bissinger blew up the internet yesterday, he's been nowhere to be found. He hasn't tweeted a bit. In lieu of showing up on the Today Show, he provided a statement to the network.


Where was he? This was floating around yesterday, but we missed it: He's in rehab, according to a couple outlets. A source disputed the rehab characterization, but said the Pulitzer Prize winner is in an in-patient treatment program. We're not sure where, or for what, exactly, nor do we know how long he'll be gone. (The Philly Inquirer says he checked in on Tuesday.)

In the piece, Bissinger writes that he agreed to go to meetings for sex addiction and that he has "mild bipolarity." In retrospect, the story reads a lot more like a long description of a particularly bad symptom than a semi-comic confession of a whimsical fixation. Get well soon, Buzz.

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