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California Teens Hold NFL-Style "Prom Draft" To Pick Dates

Illustration for article titled California Teens Hold NFL-Style Prom Draft To Pick Dates

A group of boys looked up to the NFL by choosing their prom dates with a draft, but their high school didn't approve of their shallow innovation.


Kathy Scott, principal of Corona del Mar High School (Cali.), sent out an email to parents after discovering the prom draft. Scott strongly urged students to not stick with the results, thereby objectifying every high school junior and senior. (The prom's on June 7.) As we know, the confidence of high school students is incredibly brittle, and prom is literally the most important thing ever in the world, so this draft is a recipe for disaster.

The Daily Pilot has the details, including one dumb teen who seemed to have followed advice from Vinny Cerrato:

According to one student, junior and senior boys draw random numbers for the draft but can purchase more desirable draft picks.

This year, one junior paid $140 to get a high first-rank pick so he could select a specific girl, said the student, who is not being identified because of potential school disciplinary action.

"It's awkward because he spent a large amount of money to go with someone he doesn't talk to," the student said. "And she finds it awkward that he chose her."


Teens being awkward? Nahhh.

The reaction among students on campus has been mixed, he said.

"A lot of the girls respect the draft and stick with those dates," he said.

But the prom draft has also drawn complaints from female students, he said. Last year some junior girls were upset that junior boys were asking sophomore girls instead of them, he said.

The draft objectifies the high school girls and scrutinizes them like NFL prospects. Only NFL prospects can be scrutinized like NFL prospects, dammit.

[The Daily Pilot]

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