A Deadpsin operative checked into "Door Watch '09" last night to find that the Memphis Athletic Department had been replaced by an adorable blonde reporter. You can imagine how the comment horde dealt with that.

Because when you have a un-moderated chatroom filled with bored trolls trying to out-jackass each other, introducing an attractive young woman to the proceedings is probably not the best way to soothe tensions. Naturally, discussion turned to disgusting acts involving her eyes, most of them a felony in Tennessee, that certain chat members would like to perform on said reporter—or any live female who might actually acknowledge their existence.

That poor woman.


Of course, it just devolved from there. Some other choice comments from the evening, can be seen below:


Brilliant stuff. Anyway, the web cam is back on the door today and it seems to have rained last night. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?!! Can't Les Smith (a.k.a., Anonymous Black Guy Reporter) bring some sanity to this mess. He's only been sitting in a parking lot for two days trying to decipher thousands of internet rumors and disinformation. Just moments ago, he reported that Calipari is saying goodbye to his staff right now! Memphis students are marching in protest! The wheels are in motion!



The latest contract rumor from ESPN is that the Kentucky offer is just about $4 million per for eight years, but the Memphis boosters are currently holding a bake sale to try and raise enough cash to please John Calipari's mighty urges. Kentucky will not be denied, Tiger fans. It's time to let it go. You don't hear the video crew forced to sit outdoors for 48 hours complaining, do you?

Actually, maybe you can. The mic is still on.

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