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Calling Mom For Domestic Backup

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Some more updates on the domestic abuse allegations against notoriously angry Dodgers outfielder Milton Bradley. The Daily Breeze reviewed the 911 calls that started the whole allegations, and apparently, it was in fact Bradley who made the calls in order to calm down his "crazy" wife.

Bradley said his wife somehow knew — possibly through a friend working at a wireless phone company —that he had called a friend in Moreno Valley.

"She is complaining I'm talking to some people and that I'm cheating or something, and making no sense whatsoever," Bradley said.

His wife can be heard in the background shouting at him, including the statement, "I want to go home." Pots and pans or dishes clang as if something was thrown.

"Get away from me!" Bradley yelled at her. "She's in the room right now. You better get over here!"


In one instance, Bradley's 70-year-old mother was beckoned to help settle the repeated arguments, which is the type of backup you don't call for when you're punching someone. We're wondering if his wife, to counter, called for Jeff Kent.

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