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Cam Newton Had To Assure A Teammate That His Audible Was Real

Cam Newton’s chatter at the line is demonstrative, and occasionally hypnotic (“RREADYYYYYY”). In yesterday’s 38-10 Panthers win over Tampa Bay, mics caught him calling for an audible that sounded like “Even Janitor”—and then reassuring a teammate (or perhaps an opponent?) who asked “is that real” that it was, indeed, a real thing.


Unless...“Even Janitor” was a decoy, and “yes” was the real audible. Levels upon levels.

Newton’s a talker at the line, and I don’t think we should underestimate how much it helps his effectiveness. Teammates and opponents of Peyton Manning always spoke about how his snap counts and audible calls were a major weapon, even a psychological one, replete with filler and misdirection. Like classic Manning, Newton is more than good enough to beat you even before he has you overthinking his intentions.

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