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Cameraman Hit By Runaway Tire At German Grand Prix

Mark Webber took his car into pit lane on lap nine for a routine tire change but there was apparently an issue attaching the right rear tire correctly. Webber was unaware and sped off, after a longer-than-normal stop, before the mechanics could properly secure it. The tire almost immediately flew off and began its death roll down the lane.

Mechanics from several pits ran out of the way of the rolling tire until it met a brick wall in the form of an oblivious cameraman. the tire seemed to roll up the man's body and bounce off his head, violently knocking him to the ground. Medics rushed to him and a BBC Sports reporter spoke with the treating physician who said the man has some chest pain and a concussion.


There's more action at the Nürburgring today, though. On Lap 23, Jules Bianchi hopped out of his car because it was engulfed in flames after a blowout just off the track on a patch of grass. It then started to slowly roll back down the hill and onto the track, though other cars were able to avoid it. The safety car has been busy.

h/t Chris C.

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