We received this intriguing document from reader Steve, who says he was cleaning out a storage unit full of old tenants' stuff, and found this in a dresser. It's a very detailed, very intimate questionnaire, and neither he nor we have any idea what in the heck it's for.

Steve suggested "hooker application," and at first glance, what else could a form that asks you to list your sexual preferences and capabilities be? But there's a increasingly wry sense of humor as the questions (and possible answers) progress, culminating in

Applicants must be over the age of sixteen to be eligible unless applicant is exceptionally good looking, very sexy, and well built.


So it's not a a get-to-know-you questionnaire for potential prostitutes, but more likely a Spy magazine-esque gag. We've done a bit of cursory searching, but nothing pops up. Click on the full survey below to enlarge, and if you have any clue what you're looking at, do let us know.