Can Spud Webb Still Dunk?

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I think Spud Webb can still dunk. My stupid friend says no way. We figured if anyone can get to the bottom of this, Deadspin can.

Spud Webb is five-foot-seven and, as of July 13, he will be 50 (!!!!) years old. Spud and Jordan, both turning 50 in the same year. There's a YouTube clip of Webb "dunking" at age 47 that's clearly fake, as you can see below...

Webb now works as a player development exec for the Texas Legends, an NBA D-League team. I contacted the team's publicist (yes, they have a publicist!) to see if I could ask Webb personally if he still had his old hops. They have yet to get back to me.


But again, the man is 50 years old now. Even an athlete as remarkable as Spud Webb isn't immune to the ravages of time. If Webb could still dunk, they wouldn't have to make a phony video of him dunking. All he has left now is the memory of who he once was. And now I feel incredibly old and depressed. Here's how buc nasty Webb was back in the day...

Holy shit, that man could jump out of the arena. By the way, Spud has an official Twitter feed (@SpudDunks). He has tweeted exactly zero times.


Okay, let's get into the Funbag below.

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