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Can The Bulls Pull This Off?

It's really quite wild how much can change over two playoff games. After the Bulls' depressing, limp Game 3 loss at home, everyone was writing about how they should blow up the Bulls, how they should have traded for Pau Gasol, how they were too young, how Ben Wallace had no heart. And now, after two oddly convincing wins over the Pistons, the Bulls are spritely and spirited, and the Pistons are scared. And they're gonna be rather nuts at the United Center tonight too, or at least they better be.

They're keeping this all in perspective over at Blog A Bull, but there's a vague sense of concern at Detroit Bad Boys.


We can't imagine the Pistons will feel all that comfortable heading back to The Palace for a Game 7, with the Bulls feeling like they're world beaters. We weren't expecting much fun to come out of the Eastern Conference playoffs, but if the Bulls can win tonight, we're gonna have plenty. And considering the travesty that is the Cavs-Nets series, the NBA Finals are at stake. For old times sake, the Bulls should let Tim Floyd coach.

Blog A Bull
Detroit Bad Boys

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