Can We Close Down Munchkin Gate Now?

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You know, sometimes we worry about what we hath wrought.

It's time for a Munchkin Timeline.

Monday, July 24: The Kansas City Star offhandedly mentions that "The last living munchkin from "The Wizard of Oz" threw a surprisingly good first pitch before Sunday's game — and won a backpack during the fifth inning dance-off."

Tuesday, July 25: We make note of the occurrence.


Thursday, July 27: Tipped off by a commenter, we realize that there are, in fact, eight living munchkins.


Tuesday, August 1 (Morning): The Kansas City Star name-checks us and says the Royals' PR department claims it never said he was the last surviving munchkin.

Tuesday, August 1 (Afternoon): We get kind of a perturbed email from Curt Nelson, marketing manager for the Royals (and a guy with a job we're not sure we envy).


Mr. Carroll was never sought after as an "attraction" and he certainly was never billed that day as "the last living munchkin." No press releases were sent out regarding his visit, no ticket promotions ... nothing. Just a friendly gesture to a man we enjoyed meeting last year. Had a reporter been interested in actually reporting the facts instead of repeating a "story" they could have done so with a simple phone call. But for some it seems the fun of the "story" was clearly in "making fun" and therefore understandably the facts were not really pertinent. Now you can be counted among the informed regarding Mr. Carroll's visit to Kauffman Stadium. Unfortunately your readers will remain among the "misinformed" which you may rectify should you choose to do so ... and I hope you will.

Nelson even sent us the pregame introduction of Carroll, in which the PA announcer refers to him as "one of the last remaining munchkins." So it appears the mistake was made by the Star, not by the Royals.


So. OK. Everybody out there appropriately informed? All rectified? Can we return to our previous period of nationwide peace? Good. We'll now let the Royals' marketing department get back to ... uh ... well, whatever it is they do. The Royals Wives Coat Drive is coming up.