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Canada 3 Sled Flips Upside Down, Slides Across Finish Line On Its Side

The Canada 3 sled lost control coming out of turn 11 on its second run of the four-man bobsled competition, getting slightly airborn as it headed into the next turn. It then flipped and slid to the finish with the crew wedged between the sled and the ice. The whole team eventually walked away from the wreck, but still: yikes.

The Canada-3 sled charged through several turns on its side with the team member's helmeted heads digging scarily into the ice. All four were checked by medical personnel as they climbed out of the sled, and none of the men appeared to be injured as they walked up the hill to the finish area.

[Coach Tom] De La Hunty was at a loss to explain what happened.

"They got into corner 14 too early," he said. "The nose of the sled got pushed away as it's angling away from the corner, the momentum going into the corner was too much and it just rolled straight into the corner.


Earlier in the week, Canadian officials switched lineups to give Justin Kripps, the pilot here, the strongest crew. Since Kripps and his three teammates—Jesse Lumsden, Cody Sorensen and Ben Coakwell—did cross the finish line, they will be able to race again, but it will be unlikely they make the cutoff for the fourth and final heat.

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