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Canadian Dads Are Sick Of How Much Their Hockey-Playing Daughters Stink

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Canadian fathers, already emasculated by their daughters being better hockey players than they ever were, have directed their misplaced aggression at the noxious fumes emanating from their little princesses' hockey gear.

Some hockey dads from British Columbia have invented a product that they claim will get rid of the stench that hockey gear invariably becomes afflicted with - and they have named said product Hockey Sudz.

After two years of trial and error, the advent of the frontload washer and plenty of research, Keith Howlett and his partner created the soap-based product that's antibacterial, biodegradable, hypo-allergenic and won't break down the glue that holds hockey gear together.

Dr. Paul Basson, team physician for the Western Hockey League's Chilliwack Bruins, says the build-up of sweat with heat and humidity leads to the growth of all sorts of bacteria and fungi and some of it can be dangerous, and even in rare cases causing flesh eating disease.


Far out, but for those of you in the U.S. who would like to purchase their product for your stench-related needs, you are out of luck. Unless you want to travel to Canuckistan - at this point, it's only available in Western Canada.

It's great that these dads took matters in their own hands, but it still doesn't change the awkward relationships they have with their daughters. The resentment these dads feel will only fester and get worse. Does anybody know if there is a Canadian Dr. Phil?

B.C. hockey dads invent detergent to wipe stench from daughters' hockey gear []

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