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Canadian PM Justin Trudeau: At A Bar, Flush The Urinal With Your Elbow


Friend of the program Jonah Keri landed a heck of an interview for his podcast today: Canadian prime minster/mega-hunk Justin Trudeau. Montreal-native Keri and the PM had an excellent conversation about politics and the Canadian identity (or lack of one), and how Trudeau managed to build a cabinet that is half women and half men.

But it was this exchange at the end that was my favorite part:

JONAH KERI: One last question, which I do at the end of every podcast, is I always ask the guest for a life tip, a nugget of wisdom. It can be something super serious and near and dear to your heart, your mother’s great initiatives with mental health which I wanted to ask about and maybe one day we’ll do this again, and lots of good, you just have these great influences. You’ve spoken eloquently on a whole bunch of different matters. But it could be something silly. I had one person say, “Oh, when I go on vacation, as soon as I get to the airport, that’s when the vacation starts. I go eat 100 Cinnabons.” I like that too. That’s good. So I throw it out to you, it’s one thing that is just, if I met you in a bar you’d say, “Oh yeah, this is what I’m about.”

PM JUSTIN TRUDEAU: In a bar? Flush the urinal with your elbow.

Trudeau went on to say it was important to listen to people. That’s all well and good, but the tip I’m going to remember is the one where the Canadian prime minster said to flush with your elbow. That’s good life advice.


You can listen to the podcast below:

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