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Caps Fan Doesn't Actually Know Size Of Jordan Staal's Penis

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It looked for all the world like that fan was impugning the, uh, curve of Staal's stick. Not so. Now we get the real story.

Dan Steinberg has the details, of course. Because if there's some Beltway minutiae to thoroughly investigate, Steinberg's your man.

The "teeny-tiny" fan's brother (the guy in the photo who doesn't own a Caps jersey, so he just wore red) wrote in with a much more prosaic explanation. Seems their banter with Staal had been going on all night, and was good-natured, rather than manhood-questioning.

Staal was laughing off what we were saying. (I think because we kept it clean, and in good fun.) After he scored, he skated over, and put his hand to his ear, basically saying 'What now, I can't hear you.' My brother (in the Caps jersey) was saying with his hand gesture that he needs to do a little more, and that he was basically that close to missing the shot.


Of course, the Caps (or rather Ovie) came back to win this one. So not only does Staal look like a fool for needling the fans before the final horn, but I guarantee most of you will just look at the photo and not read this post and assume he's hung like a chapstick tube.

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