Through this offseason of shoving a mic in the face of every potential Russian Olympic athlete to get a quote on Russia's anti-gay legislation, Alexander Ovechkin has proved elusive. No more. NPR tracked down Ovechkin, recently returned from carrying the Olympic torch, and posed the burning question.

Despite specifically being told by Capitals PR to avoid the gay stuff, David Greene asked if gay athletes need to fear traveling to Sochi. Ovechkin's answer was a whole lot of nothing.

"Nah, I don’t think so. To be honest with you, man, it’s just a situation when people there have rights...I’m just a hockey player. I just support everybody and everybody [has their] own mind."

It pretty much echoes what Ovechkin said last week:

"I'm a hockey player and I'm not into politics. In this kind of situation you'd have to ask those in politics."

Everyone got it? Alexander Ovechkin is a hockey player.