Ohio State quarterback Cardale Jones, who won us over long before he ascended from a third-stringer to a national champion, announced today that he will return to the Buckeyes next season.

Which is fine, but it's also kind of shocking considering that Jones may very well end up back on the bench next year. Ohio State still has Braxton Miller and J.T. Barrett, two quarterbacks who were well ahead of Jones on the depth chart until injuries knocked both of them out. And don't expect Urban Meyer, who is just as soulless as every other college coach in the country, to have second thoughts about putting Jones back on the bench.

Jones returning to school will surely make the college football and NFL media giddy—"I tell you what, here's a young man who has his priorities straight!"—but plaudits from the khaki brigade aren't going to pay Jones's bills. Some NFL team that was desperate for a quarterback would have surly drafted him in the third round. Who knows if he'll be in the same position come this time next year, or the year after that. Ohio State, on the other hand, already got a national championship out of Jones, so whatever he does from here on out is just a bonus.