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Cardinals And Chargers Combine For "Boneheaded-As-Boneheaded-Gets" TD

If we're looking at things positively, the Cardinals did two things well on this play and the Chargers did one thing well. Yet it was the Chargers that wound up with a touchdown because the Cardinals also threw in a fuck-up that dwarfed anything the Chargers did.

With 36 seconds left in the first half, the Chargers were two yards out of the endzone and ran it up the gut with Ryan Mathews. The Cardinals were stout and he lost the ball as soon as he crashed into the line (Cardinals Good Thing No. 1). The ball bounced toward the sideline and it was quickly picked up by Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson (Cardinals Good Thing No. 2).


Then Johnson lateraled the ball to teammate Sam Acho (Cardinals Big Fuck-Up). With 30 seconds left. Inside his own seven-yard line. Acho lost the ball and the Chargers snatched it out of mid air and took it into the endzone (Chargers Good Thing No. 1).

Just like no one ever drew it up.

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