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Cardinals Fan Drops Beer On Fans Below

This Cardinals fan takes us on a very satisfying 10-second journey. Dressed in his road grays and holding a newly purchased and refreshing beer, he saunters back to his lady friend at the railing, rests his hand against the rail, drops his beer instantaneously, does a quick welp gesture, and looks to be heading back to replace his plunging beverage as we head to commercial.


It's all so seamless, and I don't even know if he bothered to look to see if he hit anyone before turning around or if he just watched it fall long enough to know it was gone and then got out of there. The triumphant Fox Sports jingle just adds to the fun. Anyway, there are worse ways to spend 10 seconds than watching this. There are worse ways to spend an hour than watching this on repeat, really.

h/t Brook

[FS Midwest]

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