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Ah, Carl Lewis. Where would we be without his dulcet tones? We'd be awfully sad, that's what.

Well, the sainted souls at The Big Lead somehow got a hold of Carl's invitation to his 45th birthday party, and hoo boy, it sounds like some kind of party. You can download the PDF right here, but here's some highlights.

Sunday, June 25: Miami
"Lusty Lingerie." The sizzling nights of South Beach just got hotter with my steamy lingerie party. The attire ... well, less is definitely more.

Friday, June 30: Atlantic City
"Sexy Sports Night." This is my final bash, so help me cross the finish line and join in the countdown to my actual birthday (Midnight July 1). The attire is naughty sportswear, so get creative and make it HOT!!!

It's worth noting, by the way, that the birthday celebration starts on June 14 and ends June 30. We would make fun of Carl Lewis by pointing out that only Carl Lewis would think his birthday is worthwhile enough for a two-week celebration, but we're pretty sure he'd agree with us.

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