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Carmelo Anthony Absolutely, Unequivocally Bombed Out Of His Mind, Say Cops

The latest reports out of Denver about the DUI arrest of the booze-addled, snitch-averse Carmelo Anthony say that the Nuggets' star's level of impairment was, according to investigating officers, "extreme."

Here are some of the wobbly details courtesy of a Denver CBS affiliate:

When he was asked to take nine steps, heel to toe, then turn around and take another nine steps, he forgot to perform the second half of the maneuver, according to police. CBS4 has also learned that when he was asked to stand on one leg, he swayed, put his foot down and "gave up," telling an officer, "I don't have good balance."

Later, when police were interviewing Anthony, they asked him if he knew where he was. "No clue," he told police.


We have a sneaking suspicion that this isn't an isolated incident with 'Melo. Don't be surprised if he ends up on Dr. Drew's couch in the next couple years sharing a bunk with Daniel Baldwin if he keeps this up.

Carmelo Anthony Arrest: Impairment Described As 'Extreme' [CBS4]

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