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Carmelo, Iverson Finally Able To Pretend To Tolerate Each Other In Person

Carmelo Anthony has paid his public penance — he threw a punch, so now he's Clearly A Thug, you see, though we like to think that the suspension was lessened because he had the good sense to punch a Knick — and now it's time to get back to business: Carmelo will rejoin Allen Iverson and the Denver Nuggets tonight against the Memphis Grizzlies.

As enticing as the notion of Anthony and Iverson playing together is — and not just bowling either — it would seem that it might take them a few games to figure out which guy gets to score 30 points. (We're just sad it's going to take so many points away from Steve Blake.) The duo instantly moves to the top of the highlight queue, but it's still up in the air if it's going to be ugly and gorgeous. Not that we'll know anything tonight; we'll be so hypnotized by the stylings of Chucky Atkins that it'll be unlikely we'll notice anyone else on the floor.


Wouldn't it be funny if Iverson or Anthony punched someone tonight and grabbed another 15 game suspension? Maybe? The vein at the front of George Karl's head would certainly explode.

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