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Caron Butler Is A Lot Less Extreme

Remember LenDale White losing 30 pounds by cutting out tequila? This is like the PG-13 version of that. Butler has shed the pounds by giving up his favorite faux-edgy, marketed-to-tweens soda.


The Wizards forward took the first step in battling his addiction by admitting that he has one. And I'd say that "at least six" cans of Mountain Dew per day qualifies as an addiction. He kicked the habit this summer, and lost 11 pounds in the process, which is somewhat confusing as caffeine is supposed to curb the appetite.

Either way, it wasn't easy:

To try and give this up was CRAZY for me! I was going through withdrawals. I was in the bed sweating. My wife would turn over in the bed and ask "Are you OK?" .Honestly, those first two weeks without The Dew was the roughest two weeks of my life. I'm talking headaches, sweats and everything. Before that I drank at least six 12 ounce Mountain Dews a day.

Also, he's increased his hours of sleep per night to: "some."

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