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Caron Butler's New Hair Freaked Out His Kids

Illustration for article titled Caron Butlers New Hair Freaked Out His Kids

Caron Butler went on national television with a brand new head of hair on Saturday like nobody was going to notice, but people certainly did.


Even if you weren’t familiar with what Butler looked like prior to today, there’s a good chance you’d still question the legitimacy of what resides on the top of his head because it almost looks photoshopped. But no one was more surprised than Butler’s own kids, who apparently saw their dad for the first time with his new hair on television like the rest of us.


Butler was a good sport about the whole experience, and even tweeted a joke about the whole thing.

The good news for Butler is that even if the jokes about this continue for a long time, he’ll never have to deal with hair-related roasts on air as long as he continues to be on air with Carlos Boozer.

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