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Carson Palmer Goes Long

Nobody in their right mind actually cares about the outcome of the Bengals/Cardinals contest (Will and Bengal fans are clearly insane), but the fantasy playoffs are right around the corner! Carson Palmer is doing his best to spread the points around. He's thrown touchdown passes to TJ Housh and Arizona's Antrel Rolle. On the other side Warner has found a grove with Anquan Boldin. They've hooked up 3 times for 63 yards including a 44 yard touchdown. Meanwhile Rudi, Edge, Fitzy, and Ocho continue to put make fantasy owners more uncomfortable than that time the pretty girl talked to them in high school. Arizona 14 Cincinnati 13

Bad teams can be entertaining. The best action of the day is taking place in Minnesota without the only player anybody cares about. Minnesota and Oakland have already combined for 32 points with Chester Taylor racking up two touchdowns. Not to take away from the Vikings running backs, but their offensive line is really good. It's almost as if spending money on a Steve Hutchinson smarter than spending money on a Shaun Alexander. Minnesota 19 - Oakland 13


The Chargers are fucking annoying. God damn, what is wrong with San Diego? I mean aside from their woeful head coach and douchey quarterback. The Jaguars are taking them to the woodshed in Jacksonville. Now I'm not sure what goes on in these woodsheds I'm always hearing about, but I imagine it involves ball gags and butane torches. Jacksonvile 17 - San Diego 3

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