Carson Wentz's Teammates Either Love Him Or Despise Him

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It’s the day after the conference championship games and it is unfortunately time to talk about the Eagles. This is because, according to a new report from Philly Voice, the Eagles really hate franchise quarterback Carson Wentz. But also, according to a few tweets from Wentz’s teammates, everyone loves him!


We’ll start with the Philly Voice report, which claims a half dozen Eagles players among its sources and lays out how Wentz is a “selfish” and “uncompromising” teammate who isn’t as loved by his teammates as backup quarterback Nick Foles is. The main issue that the sources quoted within the piece seem to have with Wentz is that he overcomplicates the offensive scheme while making it run poorly because he plays favorites. From the story:

The glaring difference is that Foles, every source stated, would go through progressions within the offense — exactly how it was designed to run — and hit the open receiver, regardless of who it was or where they were on the field. Wentz only saw, it seemed, one receiver the majority of the season: Zach Ertz. This understandably frustrated the rest of the offense, considering other receivers were open downfield. To stop the Eagles in 2018 under Wentz was rather easy: Stop No. 86.

Perhaps it’s not surprising, then, that one teammate who came to Wentz’s defense was Zach Ertz:

Ertz was joined by Fletcher Cox, Lane Johnson, Torrey Smith, Brandon Brooks, and Nate Sudfeld:


So that’s six unnamed sources who apparently hate Carson Wentz up against six teammates willing to publicly stand behind him. If there’s any hope of this leading to a genuine quarterback controversy, though, it’s a slim one. Head coach Doug Pederson announced last week that Wentz will be the starter going forward, and it’s likely that the Eagles will have plenty of decent trade offers for Foles to sift through this offseason.

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