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CBS SportsLine Discovers The Barbaro Message Board

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Displaying the same keen journalistic instincts that brought the world Spin on Sports, CBS SportsLine did some real digging over the holidays and discovered that, apparently, some middle-aged women are e-mailing Barbaro.

Whaa? Isn't that just crazy? After all, Barbaro's a horse! Am I right, folks?

Columnist Gregg Doyel is all over this one, uncovering Barbaro's deranged fan club on the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine message board, oh, about seven months after we did. Ever the innovator, Doyel even reprinted a few of their letters. What a concept! You're so cutting edge, dog! You happened to miss this one, though:

YOU'RE the best barbaro i think you are WITHin everyones hearts and we should all be thankful that you have an excellent MEdical staff. you continue to improve barbaro you great brave HORSE. C Berman, 60; CT, USA posted on 2007-01-02 17:49:20


Next week, Doyel uncovers that whole Carolina Panthers cheerleader sex-in-the-bathroom thing.

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