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Celebrating the End Of The Millen-ium

Of all the Matt Millen farewell "tributes" we've come across this morning, Tirico Suave's video compilation, shown immediately following the jump, has to be the most intricate and heartfelt (make sure the volume is turned down if you're at work). Featuring not one, but two clips from Glengarry Glen Ross, so you know it's quality. Following is a sampling of other Millen postings from out in the blogosphere, as the former Detroit Lions President and CEO fades into the ether for what may be the final time. Never has a coach's dismissal caused such an outpouring of emotion and creativity. Someone should Fire Millen every week.

Finally. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, you stupid, incompetent, boneheaded, pathetic, inept, foolish, idiotic, retarded, braindead, arrogant, reckless, oblivious, shitheaded lump of a man. And Millen, if you go anywhere near a broadcast booth after this, I think I speak for the people of Detroit when I say you better make sure that booth has been fireproofed. Folks from that town are quite adept at burning shit. [Kissing Suzy Kolber] • Millen Fired. The scene at the Allen Park practice facility is sort of surreal. A parade of fans has been driving by all morning honking their horns and waving Lions flags as if they've been liberated. [Birk's Eye View] • ... And Stay Out The way I see it, an angry mob stood outside the complex with torches and pitchforks, and the Fords tossed Millen into the crowd in order to save themselves. Then the crowd was like, “Actually, we were just here to demand more environmentally friendly cars from the Ford Corporation.” But I’d like to think that they had the common sense to stab and burn him to death anyway. [With Leather] • Lions Fans, You Have Been Liberated. The most amazing thing is that this run of sheer incompetence was all self-contained: there was no Al Davis figure trying to meddle in his personnel decisions or his coach’s play-calling; there waas no cash-stingy owner — if anything, William Clay Ford, Sr. was more than willing to let Millen spend the cash necessary to help the team. It was just a case of being completely out of his depth for eight seasons without any ability to recognize that fact. Minnesota Timberwolves fans are taking notes to see if they can prod someone under Glen Taylor to speak out in a Ford, Jr.-style fashion and get Kevin McHale ousted. [Signal To Noise] • The Lions Register Their First-Ever Bye Week Victory. Now I know how Ol’ Maximilien Robespierre and the Jacobin’s felt after beginning to administer “justice” to their perceived despots. To quote Maxie: “To punish the oppressors of humanity is clemency. To forgive them is cruelty.” Amen, brother. Although, it is sad that Matt Millen lost his job today, he is still human (there’s the sum total of my sympathy), the move was INCREDIBLY long overdue, and was made out of necessity. [Detroit Lions Weblog] • Matt Millen Leaves The Lions A Rich Man. Great job, William Clay Ford. Not only are you going to end up paying the ex-general manager of your team a total of $50 million when all is said and done, but he didn't even deserve a penny of it. Matt Millen was the worst GM in the NFL and maybe even in sports as a whole. Despite that, he made $35 million during his time with the Lions and will make $15 million more for doing nothing at all. [Pride Of Detroit]

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