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Celine Dion Will Heal Olympic Rifts With Powerful Vocals

Celine Dion is about ready to choke a bitch if this Olympic boycott talk persists. Dion called on all people to "keep the dream possible for our young kids." She came to Beijing to express support for the Games after her concert in Shanghai on Friday.

Canadian pop star Celine Dion voiced her support for the upcoming Beijng Olympic Games here on Saturday, saying she was "definitely against boycotting" the Games. "When you talk about the Olympics, you don't say politics," she said at a press conference. "We talk about power. We talk about love. And we talk about dreams."


Well, I can't disagree; just the other night I dreamed that Celine Dion's vocal chords were being pecked out by ducks. And I felt much love.

Meanwhile, China says it will close all its factories three weeks prior to the start of the Games in order to ease the air pollution in Beijing. Yes, that oughta do it.

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