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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Central Michigan Came From Behind To Beat Iowa By Scoring Twice In The Final 50 Seconds

The Central Michigan Chippewas—they of the 41-7 home loss to Michigan State—went on the road to take on another Big Ten foe today, stealing a miracle win in Iowa City by scoring a touchdown and field goal in the final minute after the Hawkeyes took a late lead of their own.


Iowa extended a 24-23 lead to 31-23 when Mark Weisman rushed for a touchdown with 2:18 remaining. CMU then marched the length of the field in just over a minute, Titus Davis hauling in a Ryan Radcliff pass with 45 seconds left to narrow Iowa's advantage to two. The two-point conversion to tie went incomplete, and it was looking like the Hawkeyes would escape with a narrow win.

After a bizarre delay of game on the kickoff, the Chips managed to recover the onside kick—and with the help of a boneheaded Iowa personal foul, found themselves in field goal range for kicker David Harman. Actually, that's not true. They set up a 47-yarder, but Harman had never actually hit one of those in a game before.


He did this time.

Iowa's attempt to lateral their way to a kickoff return touchdown failed, and CMU began an elated trip back to Mount Pleasant with a 32-31 win. Iowa falls to 2-2. [BTN]

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