I'm not going to pretend to know anything about the CFL, but I will say that I am now a fan of BC Lions linebacker Solomon Elimimian. That's because during halftime of yesterday's game between the Lions and Calgary Stampeders, he did some great on-camera shit-talking.

Elimimian does a lot of wonderful things here. For one, he deploys the iron-clad "Keep walking! Keep walking!" shit-talk technique, a devastating weapon when used in situations where the person you are yelling at has no choice but to continue walking. But Elimimian's best move is the casual "What's up?" he gives the reporter. Anytime you do something tough and cool while an uninvolved party looks on, you must turn to that person and say, "What's up?" or "'Sup?" or "What's good?" as soon as you are done. It's a rule.