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Chad Ochocinco Just Got Paid $210K To Get Thrown Off A Bull In 1.5 Seconds (Updated)

Here's video of the football player formerly known as Chad Johnson practicing the art of leaving the chute on the back of a bull. Of course, he's practicing on the back of a horse, and a horse that kind of ambles instead of bucks. That could explain, in part, why he only lasted 1.5 seconds on bullback tonight.

Here's what Chad had to say afterwards:

The 10-year NFL veteran and six-time Pro Bowler, didn't make it through one buck by Deja Blu, a 1,500-pound bull. He was nearly stomped by the Bulls' back legs while scrambling to get out of the way.

"I was mad that I couldn't ride it out of the chute," said Ochocinco, who received a $10,000 appearance fee.


Versus will be airing it after the Boston/Tampa game.

UPDATE: Mr. Ochocinco just tweeted that, if sponsors are taken into account, his 1.5 second take wasn't $10K; it was actually $210K. The more you know.

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