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Chad Ochocinco Says He Will Reimburse The Buccaneers Rookie Who Jacked Him Up And Got Fined $20K

Rookie Buccaneers linebacker Mason Foster may have two first names, but he doesn't have a lot of money. He's a rookie, and a third-round pick, which means $20,000 means more to him than it does to, say, Chad Ochocinco, the Patriots receiver Foster hit in last Thursday's preseason game.

So when Roger Goodell fined Foster the same $20K today, Ochocinco (who had complimented Foster on the hit on Twitter) decided he wouldn't stand for it:

ochocinco: @nflcommish Dad no disrespect but I don't agree with @mason_foster fine n I'll be reimbursing him personally.Please feel free to contact me


Calling Goodell "dad" is a nice touch. Too bad Ward Cleaver doesn't know how to work the BlackBerry.

Chad Ochocinco [Twitter]

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