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Not that this picture is enormously compelling or anything, but since it didn't show up in yesterday's post, I figured I'd try to work out the bugs and give it another shot. Too bad Mr. Costner didn't try the same thing with The Postman.


See? Kevin Costner is here! I wasn't lying! He's ... oh, forget it ...

Not much happening today, as players continue to trickle in for practice rounds (the tournament officially gets underway on Friday). However Kevin Nealon did back his golf cart into a fence. Could have happened to anyone (big doofus). And it won't detract from his prospects of winning the tournament in any way (not a chance in hell).

Oh, and this just in ... Dan Patrick has pulled out of the tournament. It became official late Wednesday, and is such disturbing news that I'm considering headng over to his Wikipedia page to vent my frustration. Patrick's last minute replacement is Tahoe resident and former Twins/Orioles/Mets/Rangers/Dodgers/Yankees pitcher Scott Erickson, who is a fine golfer and whose invitation has nothing whatsover to do with the fact that his wife is Lisa Guerrero. Also: Gale Sayers sighting! He got in 18 holes even though he's not in the tournament ... climbing the fence must be tough when you've had surgeries on both knees.

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