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How much would you pay for this Van’s Idylwild Cheetah Snapback? $5? $0? How about if you were buying it off of some guy’s gross, sweaty, lice-filled head? Maybe somebody would have to pay you to take it? If so, you have better taste than Richard Jefferson and Chandler Parsons.

TMZ reports that Jefferson and Parsons were at a thoroughly mediocre bar in Scottsdale (Ariz.) Saturday night—their Mavericks played the Suns on Sunday—when some guy named Andrew walked in with the above hat on his head. Parsons was “eyeing” the snapback, so Jefferson, trying to be a good teammate, sauntered up to Andrew and began negotiating. (A better teammate would’ve gently told Parsons that the hat was ugly.) Here’s how the negotiation went:

Andrew tells TMZ Sports ... the Dallas Mavs star beelined it over his way with cash in hand ... and started making offers for the dome piece. Andrew declined at first ... but ultimately gave in for a handful of $100 bills — 7 in total.


SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS FOR THAT FUCKING HAT?! Richard Jefferson is a terrible negotiator. Five minutes of Googling led me to a place that has it in stock for $15, plus $6 shipping. Was Parsons so taken with the hat and so impatient that Jefferson had to pay 3300% its selling price? You’re telling me this dude wouldn’t have taken $100 and a picture with a couple of NBA players for his hat? That Jefferson had to pay SEVEN HUNDRED DOLLARS for it?

The rich: they just don’t live like you and me.


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