You've probably heard the old anti-Semitic joke about the invention of copper wire coming as a result of dropping a penny between two Jews. If you haven't, San Diego Chargers radio analyst Hank Bauer is here to tell it to you.

This is from the final seconds of this weekend's broadcast of the Chargers-49ers game on 105.3 KIOZ; the target of Bauer's joke is the presumably Jewish San Diego play-by-play voice Josh Lewin. (It came in response to Lewin's observation that while many 49ers fans had left the game early, if he were a paying customer he'd stay until the final whistle.)

Bauer's been associated with the Chargers for decades, so we wouldn't expect any kind of punishment to come of this. After all, with 30 seconds left in a meaningless preseason game, how many people could have actually been listening anyway?


h/t Andy