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Shaun Phillips, outside linebacker for the football team in San Diego, was looking for some nighttime entertainment. Of course, professional athletes late night Twittering are not going to escape the watchful eye of Young Andy Hutchins and His Band Of Rookies. But, as Andy notes, Phillips reconsidered.


He must own a PC. In other tawdry Chargers' linebacking news, Shawne Merriman has apparently infuriated a a woman named Gloria Velez to the point where she's questioned his baby mama-making abilities. She also claimed that Merriman has exchanged bodily fluids with that Tila Tequila person which has resulted in the always entertaining "beef." (Thank you, Cici, who I am thrilled to report I do not have beef with.)


Good aftermorning. It's Sunday. Rejoice. Apologies for the delay, but NJ Transit and the F-train are no longer friends of Deadspin. And, no, I was not sent to the hospital after the deadly brawl at McFadden's. Thanks for asking, though.


Sing along.

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