Chargers survive against Atlanta Parakeets as both teams try desperately to give away win

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Here we see Nick Vigil and Todd Gurley attempting to play a decent game of football. They failed.
Here we see Nick Vigil and Todd Gurley attempting to play a decent game of football. They failed.
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I’ve been looking forward to this game ever since I realized that the NFL’s kings of folding under pressure would face off against each other.

The Chargers have been blowing leads harder than a high school Tuba player all season. The Atlanta chickadees, on the other hand, have been consistently closing out games like the Clippers in the bubble.

I had to see what was going to come out of this matchup.

To the surprise of absolutely no one, two very bad teams played a close and competitive game. The cockatoos’ quarterback Matt Ryan threw three interceptions on the day as he continues to masquerade as a good NFL quarterback. Calvin Ridley had a good day with 8 catches and 124 yards.


Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert had another impressive day, throwing for two touchdowns and completing over 80 percent of his passes. If Herbert had any coaching ideals with the Chargers organization that didn’t resemble the game plan of my 4th grade PE coach, they might be in business. Alas, they are the Chargers, and they have four wins for a reason.

The Bolts tie up the game 17-17 late in the third quarter and then the entire fourth period is filled with both teams being more inept at winning a football game than my great aunt is at connecting her computer to her TV.


On back to back to back possessions interceptions were thrown on crucial drives in the fourth quarter. These teams were more out of their element than a broke man trying to pick up women at Magic City.

Eventually, the Chargers would reluctantly win the game on a 43-yard field goal from Michael Badgley.


But It was pretty obvious that neither one of those teams was trying to relinquish the crown of being the biggest folder in sports.