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Chargers vs. Titans, Second Half and Goodnight

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It's been a while since I last checked in, but it's still the same football game. We're well into the third quarter of the final game of Wild Card Weekend '08 Bukkake and this game is dragging along with a score of 6-3. Tennessee is winning, Floats (pictured) i really crappy, and LaDainian is still lacking swag. If anything actually happens I'll be happy to provide updates after the jump (if not, it's been an interesting weekend and I thank you for reading)...


-Hey, the Chargers seem to be moving the ball. I'm sure this will end well.

-TOUCHDOWN, FLOATS RIVERS TO VINCENT JACKSON. They went for 25 yards on the hook up and my reverse jinx worked as well as always. Now Rivers is yelling happy things at everybody on the bench!

San Diego 10 - 6 Tennessee

-And Tennessee is storming right back down the field.

Fourth Quarter

-Bironas is lining up for another field goal. Tennessee is borderline unwatchable.

-Juuuuuuuust a bit outside.

-Chris Chambers was uncovered deep in the secondary. He would have scored but it took the ball about thirty seconds to show up. First and goal... timeout.


-And after a ridiculous challenge they're out of timeouts. It's always nice to have Norv on the sideline in crucial times like this. It looks like they're going for it!

-TOUCHDOWN, LADAINIAN on the second effort! I might come close to breaking even this weekend.


-And the score is under review, as long as they didn't rule him down on forward progress then nothing will change.

San Diego 17 - 6 Tennessee

-These guys don't seem to understand the challenge system quite yet.

-Vince Young gets picked off inside his own 20 and this one looks about over. It's been a pleasure, I'm out!