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Chargers vs. Titans, This Time It's For Real

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You thought Philip Rivers was needlessly cocky before? Well it's playoff time baby, time to step up the douche! The real key is to see just how close Norv Turner can keep this thing. Nobody holds back a dynamic team in the playoffs like Norv Turner! Enjoy, and stay tuned after the jump...


First Quarter

-Vince Young was efficient on his first series. It went for 13 plays but they'd settle for a Bironas field goal.

Tennessee 3 - 0 San Diego

-Hey, Vince looks like he's hurt again. Could it be Kerry Time?

-San Diego can't move the ball for shit, which is criminal. I'm starting to understand how MJD feels every week.

Second Quarter

-Hey, a first down for San Diego. Amazing what happens when you include Antonio Gates in on the fun.


-"Floats" to Chambers right down the middle of the field for a big gain, now we're rollin'!

-One Chargers drive fizzles out and Floats starts the next one with an interception in the end zone. This is brutal.


-By the way, the score is still 3-0, but other wild card games have picked up in the second half.

-Vincent Jackson just got so open Rivers couldn't have thrown a pick if he tried. Yet I'm still troubled by the play calling. 13 passes against 6 runs. Fuck you Norv. Fuck you over and over again. GO SIT IN DAN SNYDER'S WAITING ROOM!


-Antonio Gates hurt and the cart is coming out. Why now? Why not the 2002 Sweet 16?

-After another incompletion Nate Kaeding botches a short field goal. Nice kick, farm boy.


-Rod Bironas doesn't seem to have any problem with these kicks, field goal is good.

Tennessee 6 - 0 San Diego