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Charles Barkley Doesn't Like How The Warriors Play "Little Girly Basketball"

Screencap via TNT

Charles Barkley’s role on Inside the NBA is to spout unfiltered takes and tell viewers how the NBA is stupid now because nobody punches each other. Occasionally he lays down a good take but, more often than not, he grumbles out crotchety opinions about back in the day and straddles the border between controversial and offensive.

This evening, he went in again on the Golden State Warriors, a favorite topic of his, and disparaged their style of play as “little girly basketball.” The video, which also includes “I’m biased against girl basketball” as well as his opinion on women’s college basketball, is below.


Even though Chuck is a full-on troll, this is not a bog-standard contrarian opinion—it’s stupid as hell. But picking apart the ways in which he’s wrong would mean taking his comments at face value, so I’ll just leave you with this photo of Chuck eating shit to laugh at.

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