The long-awaited Dream Team documentary premiered on NBA TV last night, and while the program was full of revelations there's none more amusing than this shot of Charles Barkley's Discman as he cues up some music before one of the '92 team's games in Barcelona.

Sir Charles's choice to get psyched up? Mariah Carey, it would seem, though the Mo' Money soundtrack can be seen nearby (who can forget the Luther Vandross & Janet Jackson duet "The Best Things in Life Are Free"?) while the record Barkley swapped out Carey's debut CD for is none other than 3 Years, 5 Months & 2 Days in the Life Of... by Arrested Development. In other words, Chuck listened to the same music I did back then‚ÄĒthough preteen me was still in the cassette age, and more into Paula Abdul than Mariah.