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Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: finally, someone asks Sir Charles what he thinks about Cam Newton

Charles Barkley joined WJOX in Birmingham to talk about what his initial thought was when he heard the news on Cam Newton, what he thinks about the alleged $120,000–180,000 Cam Newton's father was asking for, and whether the asking price for Cam Newton was realistic.


What his initial thought was when he heard the news on Cam Newton:
"Well I think you get mad, number one. First of all, let's look at one thing, I don't have clean hands. What I mean by that, clearly I am an Auburn fan, so I'm slanted toward Auburn but you can say anything about anybody and unfortunately nowadays, the media, a lot of them are scumbags and what I mean by that is, you're guilty until you're proven innocent now. That is the thing that bugs me the most. We're just in this generation where you're guilty, you've got to prove you're innocent. Let me just say this, first of all nobody knows what happened, nobody. Nobody knows what happened. You've got those scumbags over at ESPN, show me some proof and then we can run with it. It is what it is. I don't know what happened because you can say something about people and you don't have any proof. Now you're guilty and you have got to prove your innocence. That is just the way it works nowadays."

What he meant by informing the public that he received benefits from agents while in college:
"There is no clearing up. What I said was, first of all it has nothing to do with Auburn. We're talking about Reggie Bush, so I don't think Reggie Bush should have gave his Heisman back. It wasn't like I was trying to screw Auburn. I get paid a lot of money to speak on national issues, not local stuff, national stuff. So I was asked about, should Reggie Bush give back the Heisman? First of all it isn't nothing that I haven't said. I've said this for three years, so I don't understand why people went crazy two months ago. I've said it for years. I'm never going to lie when I am on TV. I think that when I was in college a couple of agents let me borrow some money. I don't feel guilty or bad about that whatsoever. I wanted to do some things. Auburn had nothing to do with it. It was 100% on me, and I borrowed some money from a couple of agents and I have no regrets and I'm not wrong for doing it. I paid them back. My point about Reggie Bush was he should have paid those people back. If you borrow money from anybody you should pay them back. That is just wrong to borrow money from anybody and not pay them back. I borrowed money from a couple of agents and I paid them back. To me, I don't feel like I did anything wrong. I don't understand why the NCAA, because it is not a competitive advantage to borrow money from agents. It is not a competitive advantage. Now if you're getting money from colleges that is clearly a competitive advantage. There are clearly some colleges that can pay more than others. But me borrowing money from an agent is not a competitive advantage to anybody."

What he thinks about the alleged $120,000–180,000 Cam Newton's father was asking for:
"Well first of all let me just say one thing about that. First of all, this is a joke now. First of all I don't know what happened about that, but if that guy only asked for $200K for Cam Newton they should fire him anyway."

Whether the asking price for Cam Newton was realistic:
"Well I would assume they are somewhat realistic because for someone that is just pennies to be honest with you. If you go back and I just happened to watch this thing on ESPN about Marcus Dupree. You know they were talking about him getting $40,000 and a double-wide trailer and that was in the 80's. So clearly the money has escalated to a whole other level since then. So clearly, I mean I can say that the money is on a whole other level nowadays. So I don't understand why people are getting bent out of shape. First of all, we don't know anything. $200,000, don't get me wrong that is a lot of money, but like I said, I watched the thing on Marcus Dupree the other night and they offered him forty-grand and they got his mom a double-wide trailer. Like I said, that was in the 80's, so with inflation and things like that. Clearly the money is more considerable now because the money is astronomical."


This post, written by Tim Gunter, appears courtesy of Sports Radio Interviews. For the complete highlights of the interview, as well as audio, click here.

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